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KLeFrere "50 Days of Fitness" Challenge

Thanks for inquiring! Improving your health is a life long journey-you just took the first step! Let’s get to a healthier place, together!


This will be a 50 day program, starting on Jan 13, ending on March 2nd. All payments / sign-ups MUST be received before January 8th, so I have time to get your plans to you.


  • Anyone who is not restricted by their doctor!
  • Males, Females
  • Adults of all ages, teens
  • Those who have never exercised before AND those who are experienced but want to take it to the next level.
  • Those with the goal of weight loss, muscle gain, endurance/performance, AND those who just want to get healthier (improve mobility, lifestyle, sleep, etc)
  • Any location

What you get

Healthy Eating Plan

Includes a suggested healthy eating plan for your body and current goals ; it includes your calculated calorie and macro (carbs , proteins, fats) numbers and suggested meals /recipes that would fit with that. The calories will be adjusted as your body responds /needs.

Workout Plan

Includes a workout plan that fits your needs…some people can only do 3 days, some 5 days, some 2 at home and 2 at the gym , etc. I try to make it as custom to you as possible . The workouts will be adjusted as you progress /need and according to your body’s response.

Cash Prizes

Cash Prizes for 1st, 2nd ,3rd place winners. Prize placings will be awarded to whomever exhibits the most change at the end of the 50 days. 

Email Access

Email access to me for coaching , lifestyle help, questions and answers.


Continual monitoring of progress, changes as needed.


Private Facebook group for support, motivation, and tips !

Can YOU do it?? YESS!! The first step is believing. And, I am here for you, to ensure your success. I already believe in you because I KNOW that YOU have the power to change your life…even in 50 days! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

The food plan is a suggestion of a way to make healthy , balanced meals that fit your goals, while being open to your personal preferences. A calorie and macro break down , how much for each meal and what foods to eat to fit those will be included. I send lots of recipes and examples of how to set up the meals. When first starting out i send like 10-12 meals that fit your calories and macros , and then we work from there ..figuring out what you like or don’t like, what works for your schedule wise etc.

The “diet/eating “ guidance I suggest, doesn’t really have a name —it’s learning about the value of food contents and making healthy balanced choices towards your goal (fat loss, performance, muscle gain,etc) . It is based on calorie and portion control, which, is the building blocks of all “diets” . When people do low-carb or keto, all they are doing is eliminating a food group in order to decrease calories. The problem with this (well, there’s many😉) is that if you never teach yourself discipline /self -control with portions , you will forever be trapped to eating only certain foods. I will never give anyone a list of “good foods “ or “bad foods”. All foods have a place, even the “junk” ones that have little to no health nutrient benefits. No one can live restricted forever and expect to have long term results. So , it’s basically a guided learning process to figure out how to build healthy balanced meals /portions for you.

If you have heard of the term “macros”, or “flexible dieting” it is eating a healthy and balanced way like this . It is tracking calories , carbs, proteins, fat and fiber portions relative to YOUR goal. For example, carbs are not evil , BUT , they ARE relative to your activity level. Someone who is a power lifter focused on strength is going to need a lot more carbs than someone who is trying to lose weight and goes to the gym for 30 minutes a day.

You have to be healthy enough to exercise, per your doctor. The recommendations will then be tailored to your needs regarding gym vs home, available equipment, goals, and capabilities. You will get more results by joining a gym, but , I have had clients with home equipment who have been successful . 
I will need to know what your baseline exercise knowledge is and how many days a week you can exercise. I will set the plan up accordingly, but, I am also going to be honest about what I think you need to do. 


Having accountability and support from others has been shown many times to improve results. Learning about healthy lifestyle changes will allow YOU to take control over your health for a long time. This WILL require some self-motivation and self-learning. It is more than just a list of things to eat and not eat for X amount of time. I want you to learn these things, with my guidance, so you can truly change your health for the long haul. Change your health and your life will change. You will be surprised!!
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The cost will be a one-time fee of $150 for the entire program.

Payments Accepted:

You can submit $150 using one of the 3 secure services below:



Once I receive your payment , you will get an email from me with a questionnaire/instructions. After I receive that back , you will receive your plan within 3 days of the starting date.

Happy and Healthy Living !!! Kristi